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Of our students achieve their ATAR goals
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Why Choose Learned Hub?
Private Tutoring Sessions
One on one private tutoring is the most effective way to learn. Our lessons are personalised around your individual learning abilities and needs, ensuring you can master all mathematics concepts and can achieve your academic goals.

Help Between Sessions
Spending time doing independent study is crucial to success in maths but many students can't do this as they get stuck on problems. Our students however can contact their tutor in between their regular sessions, and receive on-demand help.

Intelligent Videos for All Concepts
You will be provided with video lessons of all maths concepts, which will help you immensely when doing independent study or revision. You will have access to thousands of lessons and examples.

Structured Program & Mentoring
We help our students step by step, which involves selecting study topics to learn, or examples and quizzes to do. Our students learn everything from effective study strategies to time management skills and proven ways to increase exam performance.
The Best Tutors in Australia
Learning from the best makes a dramatic difference to your success. Our tutors are exceptional in both their mathematics knowledge and teaching abilities. All our tutors have acheived incredible ATARs and are highly successful role models.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Your first session is free! Also if after your first week with us you do not love us, you will receive a full refund.
You are not locked into a contract so you may cancel at any time.
What Our Students Say
Maths was always my worst subject. I just could never understand it. But once I started with Learned Hub in year 10, everything changed. They helped me get an even higher score than my dream ATAR in year 12.
Emily S.
Learned Hub student - Emily achieved an outstanding 70% increase in her marks through her hard work and dedication
I needed very high marks in maths to be able to get my goal ATAR. I had tried many tutors before Learned Hub but they always had problems answering my hard questions. My LH tutor James, was the first tutor who could help me with everything. He was the reason I was able to get the ATAR I always wanted to be able to do medicine.
Ashley M.
Bachelor of Medicine - ATAR 99.6