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Tailoring learning to individual students needs. At their own pace
Our advantages
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
One on one attention to remove gaps

Small gaps will results in bigger and bigger gaps if not removed. Our individual programs ensure our students gain a deep understanding of all topics.

Help with independent study

Often students lose their self confidence when they try to do questions and get stuck. Every time our students get stuck during their independent study, we do a mini lesson with them helping them to move on with their study.

Teaching is the best way to learn

Interested students can participate in our Maths for All program, where they teach fellow students from disadvantaged backgrounds in the same concepts they learnt during the lesson.

Lessons broken down
Students attention diminishes after 30 mins. That's why our lessons are divided in to 30 mins chunks with a day (or few) in between.
Time to consolidate knowledge
To learn maths it is essential to try to do questions on your own to gain a deeper understanding. In between the 30 mins lessons our students are given questions to do to consolidate their knowledge, making tutoring Much more effective.
70% of students receive outside school tutoring
Yet more than 80% of students are struggling with maths
Traditional methods are obviously not working
Removing gaps in knowledge

All topics in maths are built on top of each other, so a small gap in knowledge will result in larger and larger gaps

——- a small gap in algebra——-
Can result in gaps
In all of the below:
Trigonometry. Graphing. Factorisation. Equations

And gaps in each of the above will result in further gaps and the cycle continues.

This is what makes students cry and lose their self confidence in maths, because they fall further and further behind. It's like a domino effect.

Classroom based teaching at school or tutoring colleges can't remove these individualised gaps. Hence the students never get the foundation necessary to become confident and competent in maths

our indivdualised approach however will ensure that our students obtain a deep understanding of all topics
About Our Methods
  1. No time to consolidate your knowledge
Learning Maths is like learning to swim. You can’t learn to swim by just watching someone else swim, and you can’t learn maths deeply if you don’t spend time doing questions alone
The problem with traditional in-person tutoring lessons is that they typically run for 1-2 hours where the tutor crams teaching material, and then the student receives no guidance throughout the week

According to studies student focus best for 30 mins

For maths tutoring to be effective students need to have time to go through problems on their own and consolidate their knowledge

Everything in maths relies on each other and to learn the more complex concepts in a topic, a deep understanding of the basics of that topic is necessary. That's why a one or two hour session is not effective, because the tutor has to go through more complex concepts before the student has had time to fully understand the less complex concepts.

That's why our students receive one to two hours of tutoring in blocks of 30 mins, where they learn a topic, do questions with their tutor, and then be given questions to do on their own. Then after they've had time to consolidate their knowledge, they have their next 30 min lesson, and so on. If they get stuck during their independent study they also have a mini lesson and ask their tutor questions

This method makes tutoring exponentially more effective as students have on going support and have time to truly understand topics in an in-depth level.
Best tutors in Australia
Our tutors are in the top 3% of their fields with outstanding ATAR scores and teaching skills. Only 2% of hundreds of applications we receive every month make it through our interview and testing process. All our tutors go through extensive mathematics knowledge tests, teaching tests, and interpersonal skills tests. They also go through our training processes.

Having access to incredible tutors is a must for outstanding results. The probability of such a tutor living in your local area is low.


Teaching is the best way to learn

Our interested students accelerate their own learning and help the community at the same time, by teaching a student of underprivileged background. Our students teach the other students the same concepts they have learnt with their tutor. This gives our students the chance to consolidate their knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the topics they've learnt, while helping others too. One of our qualified tutors is always available in case the students have a question or find a problem that they previously 'didn't know they don't know'